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Dr. Rodney Pearson (Pastor)

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA


Spouse: Trenna Pearson (First Lady)


Father: Dr. Pearson is the proud father of 6 beautiful children and 13 grandchildren

Bio/Faith Journey

Dr. Rodney L. Pearson was born July 4, 1957 in Compton California; the eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Pearson (Ann B. Bethel). He worked diligently to set an exemplary standard for all who have been privileged to encounter a divine anointed man of God. A role, his siblings; would not understand until their family was tested. As tragedies would become a familiar occurrence for the Pearson’s.

Compton’s harrowing streets have stolen the souls of generations to violence, drugs, gangs, and civil unrest within the community. Compton’s streets took no exemption to Dr. Pearson during times he succumb to some traps of inner-city life.

As a young adult he found himself at a crossroads. Treading between the sanctuary and a secular lifestyle; egregious activities were becoming normalized. Each day more daunting. Dr. Pearson was experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a youth long before it was clinical terminology.

In 1966 the Watts riots erupted blocks away from his childhood home. His faith and resolve would be forever tested. Witnessing a city in duress; his introduction into ministry and psychology were on a collision course from God.

Now a high school dropout, he stood at an impasse. Dr. Pearson was born the son of Frank A. Pearson (auto mechanic) and Ann B. Bethel (educator). The lessons they instilled would drive him to expand/expound upon God’s work through service.

What is an apostle?

1: one sent on a mission: such as
a: one of an authoritative New Testament group sent out to preach the gospel

~ Meager narratives are the basis for life altering plots which define moral compass ~

God’s undisputed grace and mercy are the foundation/force behind Dr. Pearson’s body of work. By his own admission he has accepted his unique role and opportunities to farther the work of God.

He has a lifetime of service to community; positively affecting and enriching the lives of his multicultural family around the world. From the tough streets of Compton to  boardrooms; his tenacity is demonstrative of his desire to serve regardless of role or capacity.

With an uncanny resolve to connect with mankind regardless of one’s race, choice of religious preference, political affiliation, etc. A chance meeting with Dr. Pearson is merely an introduction into his world of “Unconditional Love”.

As a clinical psychologist he has cultivated & assisted client (s) and congregation (s)
experiencing the following for more than four decades:

➢ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
➢ Individual & Family Counseling
➢ Anxiety & Depression Counseling
➢ Substance Abuse & Addiction Counseling

Harsh realities of life can be a stark reminder of all things we do not control. Dr. Pearson found himself at various crossroads during his life. An imperfect man: he’s faced his greatest fear. His losses have been insurmountable/immeasurable; with the world collapsing around him and heart in despair God lift his to his feet.

With his FAITH tested, he found HOPE, in LOVE

Arms stretched to God he began to confess his unyielding love for Christ. A true man of God to trust in Him when all hope seemed futile.

Dr. Pearson is a stellar member of his professional, spiritual, and social communities; his desire to serve God in His likeness are unparalleled.

His fear of not disappointing ignited a flame! He was passed a baton; sparking a marathon for mankind led by “GOD”. Similarly, to other young men living/surviving inner city squalor across the world; his fortitude to seek self-improvement saved his life and the lives of those he’s been fortunate enough to welcome in love (Agave).

Dr. Pearson’s will to serve is monumental.

Invigorating tenacity resulted in an incomparable body of work. Dr. Pearson has 25+ years of documented/committed service to the mental health community while  diligently/humbly serving as a pastor (capacity) for 40+ years.

Body of Work

Doctorate of Theology in Ministry, Next Dimensions University
Doctorate of Ministry in Ministry, Friends International University
Doctorate of Philosophy in Performance Psychology, Grand Canyon University
(Complete 2021)

Masters of Science in Professional Counseling, Grand Canyon University
Masters of Science in Ministry, Grand Canyon University
Masters of Science in Ministry, Southern California School of Ministry
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Grand Canyon University
Associates of Science in Psychology, San Bernardino Valley Community College
United States Army, Religious Affairs Specialist Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Arizona Department of Education, Substitute Teacher Certificate (Is it from AZ,

Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners, Licensed Associate Counselor


Department of Economic Security, Adult Developmental Homes
Department of Economic Security, Holistic Health Day Treatment Programs
(Designed to accommodate families, adults, teens, adolescents & children)


➢ American Counseling Association
➢ Arizona Coalition to End Sexual Domestic Violence
➢ Autism Society


➢ Brothers United Against Domestic Violence
Professional Accomplishment
➢ Distinguished National Speaker
➢ Music & Theater Producer (100 productions/projects)
➢ Screen Writer
➢ Author (twelve counseling & faith-based publications)


Churches Founded

➢ Faith, Hope and Love Community Church, Buckeye AZ (2019 – Present)
➢ Faith/Love on Fire Church, Goodyear AZ (2005 – 2016)
➢ Desert Streams Church of God, Phoenix AZ (2004- 2005)
➢ The Joy, Inglewood CA (1998- 2004)
➢ San Bernardino Christian Centre, San Bernardino CA (1991- 1998)
➢ New Testimonial Church of God, Anchorage AK (1983 – 1990)


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