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Gregory Clemmons (Assistant Pastor)

Place of Birth: Chicago, IL


Spouse: Jacqueline Clemmons


Father: Pastor Clemmons is the proud father of 6 beautiful children and 9 grandchildren

Bio/Faith Journey

Pastor Greg Clemmons was born September 7, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois; the eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Alex Clemmons (Marie Louise Watson). Compelled to enlighten & serve the will of God the young falcon received his calling at Carter Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

Chicago’s impoverished infrastructure attributed to the Harlan High School Falcon’s
ruthless and dominant persona. Survival’s mantra became the sign of the times as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 threatened the spiritual parlous of a nation divided. Encouraging & saving saints seeking His word proved to be his calling card.

He was becoming a Falcon ordained by God.

Falcons possess three distinct qualities:
Wisdom – Matthew 10: 16-20
Vision – Acts 26: 22-32
Protection – John 17: 8-12

Reverend Henry M. Williamson would prove instrumental in the development of one of God’s most prolific.

Infectious is the smile of a Saint; Pastor Clemmons is the embodiment of Christ.

As the world braces for the most destructive Pandemic recorded (COVID 19); Pastor
Clemmons continues to serve as a beacon of hope for ALL God’s children. With his trademark ritual in place he kneels before delivering God’s message. Once released to his feet; “Devil Be Moved - U Don’t Want His Smoke”.

Pastor Clemmons daily capacities as Chaplin include:

➢ Associate Pastor Faith Hope Love Community Church
➢ Buckeye Police & Fire Departments
➢ Abrazo West Hospital

In 1995 Pastor Clemmons accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He was ordained in 1998.

With his adoringly beautiful wife by his side they founded Valley Christian Ministries in 2017.We are proud of all who have inspired a great man. His contributions to Faith, Hope, & Love Community Church are essential to those witnessing God compile a church of honorable Christians.

Assembled ~ For the People; By the People

Body of Work

Years in ministry: 30 + years

Master of Arts Degree in Counseling & Human Services, National Lewis University
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management, Chicago State University
Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Kennedy King Junior College

➢ Christian Methodist Men’s Chaplain Group
➢ Comfort & Bereavement Ministry
➢ New Members Ministry & Training Facilitator
➢ Homeless Ministry (Food & clothing drive)
➢ Children’s Church (Support staff)

➢ Domestic Violence
➢ Crisis Intervention
➢ Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
➢ Anger Management
➢ Conflict Resolution Management
➢ Marriage & Family Counseling
➢ Behavioral Health Therapy
➢ Alcohol & Substance Abuse Intervention

Additional Professional Accomplishment
➢ Distinguished national speaker
➢ 40+ years financial professional



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